Our matches are held at Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club 

3960 N. Usery Pass Rd., Mesa, AZ 85207

(480) 984-9610

Shooting in Arizona

We are fortunate to have the most beautiful scenery as our playground. Here we provide challenging courses of fire for all levels of shooting talent under various equipment divisions. See our rules for more info


3-Gun typically consists of Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol  

2-Gun typically consists of Rifle and Pistol

Black rifle

Black Rifle is a Rifle-only match that tests your skills, from under 1 to over 500 yards.


Pistol Caliber Carbines are gaining popularity- they are fun, inexpensive to shoot and a great choice for home defense.


Tactical Shotgun is another challenging division, including magazine fed, limited and unlimited tube lengths, and pump shotguns. bring your favorite setup, we have a division for you!

RioMultigun Executive Staff

The RioMultigun executive staff sponsors annual matches; SMM3G and AZ PCC, as well as; RioMultigun, BlackRIfle and Tac/Shotgun monthly matches.

Gregg Harrington

Division Director

Ron Aschenbach

Match Director

Richard Bhella

Stage Designer

Gary Walters

Range Monster

Stephanie Thome


Mick Bjelopavlic

Prize Coordinator

Neil Sorensen

Sponsor Coordinator

Latest news

RioMultigun SMM3G 2022 registration is full, but get your name on the waitlist, your chances of getting in are still good! Sign up via Practiscore!

 Our next major event will be SMM3G 2022 – March 18-20

Thank you to all who joined us for AZ PCC and  Red Oktober Cold War . Both were very successful and many of our wonderful sponsors have already committed to sponsor again for 2022!

Matches at Rio Salado require online registration & payment via Practiscore.

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