October, 1-3, 2021

Red Oktober: Cold War 

2021 ROCW is set for October 1st through 3rd – limited spots are available via practiscore. Sign up quickly!

ROCW Trophies

2020’s High Cold Warrior was running an AK platform rifle.

There were 7 challenging run-n-gun, rifle only stages with targets ranging from 1 meter to 300 meters, plus a vendor demo/prize award area. Competitors shot the entire match in one day. Ammo count was around 250 rounds and bimetal ammo WAS ALLOWED. (this match only)

Prize bags were random draw and trophies were awarded according to division participation, plus a “High Cold Warrior” award for top iron sight shooter.

Like the original Red Oktober Kalazhnikov match created by our friend Brian Nelson, the ROCW match is primarily a forum for competing with AK-platform rifles, but with the option to re-fight the Cold War using NATO-origin firearms such as the M14/M1A or M16/AR15. Like the Cold War, ROCW is predominantly fought with iron sights. The sights will need to be “battle worthy” – original, bolt-on or flip-up sights (aperture-and-post or notch-and-post) are all OK, but competition-oriented sights will be frowned upon. If you are incapable of using iron sights (or your Dad never taught you how), then ComBloc Open will allow you to run an optic on top of your AK. Sorry, there will NOT be a division for optical sighted AR-pattern rifles.