RSSC WAIVER -Every shooter needs to fill out, sign, and submit this form when participating at any Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club event

How much ammunition will I need?

Round Count for 2024 SMM3G  3-GUN  is as follows:

 RIFLE short range = 132

 RIFLE long range = 35

 SHOTGUN birdshot = 134

 SHOTGUN (00 buck) = 21

 SHOTGUN slug = 9

 HANDGUN = 138

************ASSUMES NO MISSES- BRING EXTRA************

Round Count for 2024 SMM3G  2-GUN  is as follows:

  RIFLE short range= 169

  RIFLE long range= 35

  PISTOL= 216

************ASSUMES NO MISSES- BRING EXTRA************

IMPORTANT REMINDER about rule 3.4 which reads “ammunition containing tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel jacketed or steel/tungsten/penetrator projectiles is unsafe and prohibited” Possession of steel projectile ammunition at SMM3G will be grounds for DQ, regardless of whether the ammo is used on a stage, on your belt, or in your range bag. PLEASE DO NOT BRING STEEL-PROJECTILE AMMUNITION to RIO!!!!

Will I need a sling for my rifle?

For 2020 we had one stage that required a sling. We may use them in the next match as well, so bring one if you have it. We will provide “loaner” slings if you need one.

Will you be squadding and can I shoot through?

We run a very carefully planned match with squad sizes that work with our match schedule. You are expected to stick with your squad, which allows for everyone to shoot. Please be on time, ready to shoot and help re-set to make things go smoothly.

What type of shotgun ammunition should I bring?

As per rule 3.3, Shotgun ammunition shall be 20 gauge or larger, unless otherwise stipulated under equipment division rules.

And rule 3.3.1 birdshot must be no larger than #6 birdshot and made from lead or bismuth only.

I am not a competitor, can I watch?

Absolutely! Bring eye and ear protection and watch at your leisure, as long as you stay behind the stages. Remember to visit our Vendor Area as well – new guns and gear galore, with special offers for all!

Do we have to chronograph?

We randomly chrono Heavy Metal Division Competitors, other divisions do not have minimum power factor requirements and will not need to chrono.

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