What is Multigun?

The sport of multi-gun (sometimes called 3-gun) is an action shooting discipline involving the use of two or three guns

 We utilize rifle, pistol and shotgun – in a “run-n-gun” practical shooting match format. A match comprises several “stages”, each being a unique scenario-based shooting problem to be solved. One, two or even all three guns may be required in a given stage, with the competitors’ ranking being based on their time to complete the stage, with penalty time added for any errors (such as missed targets etc.). Target distances can vary from 1 yard to 600 yards. Although multi-gun traces its origins to the combat use of firearms, and indeed draws a great many participants from military and law enforcement circles, the discipline has evolved into a visually appealing, highly competitive, adrenaline-filled sport. Most new shooters get hooked after their first match.

Helpful information for getting started in the fun sport of Multigun

What equipment do I need?

Come out and watch a match or two, ask questions and learn what you might like. Our Sponsors produce the quality parts and equipment that can take the abuse and punishment that competition demands. 

3-Gun is Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol. 2-Gun is Rifle and Pistol only

Competitors may elect to shoot in one of multiple equipment divisions, and are scored against other similarly-equipped participants. Sections 4 and 5 of the match rules cover equipment requirements. Pretty much any military-style semi-auto center-fire rifle (.223 or larger), repeating shotgun (20ga or larger) and center-fire pistol/revolver (9mm or larger) can be competitive. Top competitors typically run a variation on the AR platform rifle (AR15, M4, AR10 etc.), a semi-auto 12ga shotgun with extended magazine, and a service-size semi-auto handgun. However, matches have been won with a diverse range of firearms… in the end it is the shooter, not his equipment, that wins the match.

What ammo should I bring?

For your first local match (4 or 5 stages), bring 150 rounds of rifle ammo, 50 birdshot shells (#6 or smaller) and a few boxes each of shotgun slugs and 00 buckshot (#3 buck is OK for 20ga), plus 50 rounds of pistol ammo. All the ammo you need can likely be purchased at Walmart or your local gun store. Please take a moment to review the ammunition guidelines in Section 3 of the rules. Note in particular the prohibition on unsafe ammunition, including any ammunition with steel-containing projectiles (e.g. steel birdshot, military “green-tip” M855 rifle ammo etc.). If your ammo’s projectiles attract a magnet, please leave it at home.

Any other tips for my first match?

Our advice is to “run what ya brung” for your first match. With the exception of the guns  and ammo mentioned above, and a few magazines for each, the only other accessory we recommend is a sturdy and secure belt holster for your handgun plus eye and ear protection. Although it may be tempting, we recommend against buying any new equipment until you have your first match under your belt. Ammo and magazines can be stuffed in pockets. If you are short of equipment, there is usually someone willing to loan you something to get you through the match. Here are a few tips for your first match:

Confirm your guns and all magazines run 100% reliably with the ammo you plan to use. Make sure your rifle is zeroed properly, and know your hold-under/over from 0 to 400 yards. For most rifles, a 200 yard zero makes a lot of sense.

Shoot no faster than you are confident of getting your hits – you can’t miss fast enough to win.

Plan your approach to each stage carefully. Where will you engage each target, reload etc.? Watch and learn from more experienced shooters.

Know and observe all the safety rules. Safety violations result in instant match disqualification – a lousy way to remember your first 3-gun match. Go slow and be safe. Speed will come naturally – if you feel like you are going fast, you probably aren’t!

Some final thoughts For more guidance and tips: Coming to a multi-gun match can be daunting for the first-time participant, but rest assured you are completely welcome no matter your skill level or equipment. Just take it easy and concentrate on being safe. Anyone who wants to be walked through their first match is invited to make this request of the New Shooter Orientation instructor – we will be more than happy to do so.

Welcome to the exciting sport of Multi-gun!

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